Yamaha CE-20 gets the reboot treatment

10th February 2015:

The ce-20 Reboot, based on the 1982 Yamaha CE-20 Combo Ensemble described as: “an important milestone in the evolution of FM synthesishas been in the works for some time – and I am pleased to say that there are now two versions available to buy in our selz.com shop:

The original synth has been carefully sampled and all 20 of the FM generated voices (14 originally monophonic, and 6 originally polyphonic) are included in their full polyphonic glory – for maximum flexibility.

1) Kontakt & SFZ Edition

CE-20 Reboot (sfz kontakt)

Check out the new SFZ & Kontakt Edition at Selz.com

2) Reason Refill

CE-20 Reason Reboot

Check out the new CE-20 Reason Reboot at Selz.com

A Soundfont version and a whole bunch of layered and split Reason Combinators using NN-XT samplers are also earmarked for release soon. See below for a full Soundcloud demo.

It is based on the synth created by Yamaha, the CE-20 Combo Ensemble, the pre-cursor to the DX-7.

Here’s a demo track – The Pathogen CE-20 Reboot Remix – that was made purely with synth sounds from the ce-20 Reboot pack. This remix is available exclusively when you buy either CE-20 Reboot sample pack.

ce-20 voices

The Yamaha CE-20 Combo Ensemble

There are 20 all original patches which have been sampled directly from the synth. For interest, they are:

CE-20 Voices

The original version of this “Cool Kraftwerk-ish dance track” can be heard here:

CE-20 has some great string sounds, which lend themselves to being enhanced with reverb, filters and chorus. The bass sounds are some of my personal favourites of all time, up there with the classic ESQ-1 VELBAS patch!

Bring an original touch to your music productions with ce-20 Reboot from howtoprogramdrums.com – available now!

Check in at our new shop to see our current deals!

Original article: Dated 18th December 2014, Revised 10th February 2105

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