Ensoniq ESQ-1 Refill for Propellerhead Reason 7.1

What is the “Ensoniq ESQ-1 Reboot”?

It is an opportunity to download and try out for FREE the 40 factory sounds sculpted on the original Ensoniq ESQ-1 Digital Wave Synthesizer. Each of the original factory presets have been re-sampled and loaded up into an NN-XT sampler, and put into one of 4 Song Demos that are contained within the Refill.
It is possible to save these re-samples from the 4 Song Demos locally on your hard drive, and save the NN-XT devices for future use.

Basically, it is the easiest way to use the factory sounds from the ESQ-1 in Reason without actually owning one.

Note: The sounds on the original ESQ-1 are only transferable by cassette tape or Ensoniq cartridge, which are now getting harder to obtain due to their age, so re-sampling them seemed to be the best way of being able to reuse the sounds easily in Reason. The next model, the SQ-80, had a floppy drive, but the ESQ-1 did not.

You can use MIDIOX, but I only recently found out about that!

These are the voices that are included:

1 +KOTO2 String
2 2 COOL Synth
3 3TRUMS Brass
4 4XFADE Synth
5 ANABRS Brass
6 BL PNO Piano
7 BOTTLS Synth
8 BRASTR Brass
9 CLAV 1 Piano
10 DIGPNO Piano
11 ECHO1 Piano
12 HARP2 String
13 HEVBRS Brass
14 HI-RES Synth
15 ICYORG Organ
16 ISLAND Perc
17 K+SIMS Drum
18 KALMBA Perc
19 KICK Drum
20 KLUNKS Synth
21 MINI M Synth
22 MIXED Voice
23 MOODS Synth
24 MRIMBA Perc
25 NOISTR String
26 ORGAN1 Organ
27 PIANO1 Piano
28 PIANO2 Piano
29 PLKBRS Brass
30 PLKMTL Synth
31 SAX 1 Brass
32 SHAKER Perc
33 SINPAD Synth
34 SLDRUM Drum
35 SLOSTR String
36 SNAPS1 Perc
37 SYNBAZ Bass
38 TRIBEL Bell
39 VELBAS Bass
40 WAVBEL Bell

If you want more avid descriptions of each patch, check out

Here is a demo track composed by James Paddock created purely using sounds from the ESQ-1:

Please read the associated End User Licence Agreement (EULA) prior to use. Thank you and Enjoy! : )

ESQ-1 Reboot

Click to Download this FREE Reason Refill

Note: Don’t download this unless you are a licensed Reason User as you will not be able to use it.
Non Reason Users should read this article instead – Click Here:

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